Spammer Slapper

Make em pay for wasting your bandwith!

What the little Java Applet above does is visit each web page advertised in spam. The more times it visits the web page, the more it costs the web page operator.

Technical details:
Since the Applet needs to connect to other pages than the one it is on, it needs network permissions. This is the reason why it asks you to accept a certificate. The applet stores abosolutely nothing on your hard drive nor does it change any system setting. Any cookies that pop up were generated by the website visited by the applet. It is my suggestion for you to block them. Just minimize browser window and let 'er rip -I mean slap. The source code is embedded in the SpammerSlapper.jar file. Anyone is allowed to host this applet on their own webpage. Just view the page source of this page to learn how to create your own list of spamvertised sites to slap around.

Of course you have to replace the imaginary websites with the names of real ones. You also want to paste this code either just below the <body> tag or just above the </body> tag.

For some of my other offensive spammer fighting tools. Please check out the following links:

SpamFryer This Java app allows you to type in a website to hammer. It is a stand alone application.

SpammerSlammer This cgi program provides real looking but bogus information that passes most validation schemes. It is good for spamvertised order forms.

I have written another program called, "SpammerSkewer."  The purpose of SpammerSkewer is to submit complaints to the sales forms of websites advertised by spam.  SpammerSkewer updates complaint instruction via peer to peer networking.  The instruction files are cryptographically signed to prevent malicious tampering.  SpammerSkewer can be freely downloaded at

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