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What can we do for you?  The
Answer is plenty.  We can give you a whole
New look on the net for a low cost. 

Do you have a personal place in cyberspace that you would like to share with the world with a long URL such as:  If you use us, we can setup a domain name for you and point it to your personal page. Does sound better?  Would you
prefer another name?  Whatever your choice, (if it is not already taken) we can set it up.  Yes, there are many services that provide this service for free, but those who come to your site usually have to put up with annoying ads.

Would you also like to have a guest book on your personal website, but your ISP does not provide the means to do so?  We can help you there, too.  We also offer page visit counters.  You can have all these services for a very low price. 

We also offer web hosting, cgi programming, and other services.  Please give us a call or send us an email.

Our Policy on SPAM (Unsolicited Commercial Email)

We do not allow unsolicited commercial email of ANY kind. By sending unsolicited commercial email to our network, or allowing others to send unsolicited commercial email to our network on your behalf, you allow us to scan the sending machine, the website advertised, or any other system or network involved. You also agree to hold us or our agents completely harmless for any increase in traffic or any network connections to advertised site or spam-sending computer. You also agree to allow us to use any idea, picture or any other concept on the advertised site or within the unsolicited email for our financial gain. By sending spam, you agree to pay us a fee of up to $500.00 for each spam sent. By sending spam you also allow us or the people of our choosing to sumbit false data to any advertised website. By visiting this site to harvest information for spam activities, you agree to hold us harmless for any data we share with any other person or entity.If you do not agree to the condition set forth, then do not send us unsolicited commercial email or visit this system for the purposes of collecting email or form information. Those who forge their return address to point to, be aware that I have control over the domain name service and can redirect traffic to anywhere I please. I am also able to install spam vampires on my pages.
We do not advertise our website via spam or allow others to advertise on our behalf via spam. If you got spam advertising our website or claiming a email, please be aware that it is not us that is doing it, but malcontented SPAMMERS."

We help the persecuted Chinese Falun Gong by providing links to their various websites.

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A message to Rick Scott about the Second Amendment.